Why Frame Funds?


The Directors of Frame Funds hold a significant portion of their net worth in Frame Funds products.

Return Focus

Our focus is on creating wealth for our investors over the medium to long term, rather than adhering to a benchmark.


Our fund managers are remunerated based on the returns they generate for our investors.

Systematic Risk Management

We implement systematic risk management processes to ensure we adjust exposure based on data.

Investment Strategies

The strategies we develop at Frame Funds aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns and capital protection over the medium to long term.

Quantitative Investment Firms
Multi-Strategy Quantitative Hedge

The investment objective of the Fund is to seek to produce attractive risk adjusted returns which have a low long-term average correlation to traditional equity markets.

To pursue its investment objective, the strategy is actively managed and primarily invests in a portfolio of futures across the asset classes of commodities, currencies, equities & fixed income.

This strategy is open to Wholesale investors only.

Quantitative Investment Firms
Quantitative Australian Equities

The investment objective of the Fund is to deliver income and capital growth over the long-term by investing in Australian listed equities, exchange traded derivatives and cash assets.

The Fund typically holds between 20 – 40 investments, predominantly within the ASX 200. It may use short sales and listed derivatives with the objective of generating absolute returns.

This Fund is open to Wholesale & Retail investors.

Market Insights

Stay informed about the latest market changes, trends and fund updates.